We are just two humans who want to help you with all things internet.

Crypto Alchemy, Software & Website Development, Computer Repair


Data Recovery

Data recovery for failed hard drive, solid state drive, smart phone. Always including a digital forensics report.

Crypto Alchemy

Support and managment for crypto currency wallets.

Website and Software Development

Clean, simple, and well built. Web site, app, software, Microsoft Office development and reporting.

Security and Privacy

Our skills with approaching your data or personal computer have privacy as the focus. The internet is constantly changing. We are committed to keeping up to date with the most recent tools, and techniques to protect you and your data.

Windows, Apple, even Linux

Cleaning an infected computer and implementing tools in order to restore your hardware. Recovering data off a failed computer or smart phone

We provide a 30 day work warranty.


Crypto Alchemy

Consultaion for locked or lost wallets. Investment advice. Exchange security guidelines.

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