Services Offered

Icreate Omnom believes in having a responsive outlook on computer setup, workstation repair, Pc repair, maintenance, and support.

  • 24/7 repair and phone support
  • Crypto Currency Support
  • Personal service tailored to your specific needs and issues
  • Protecting your privacy is something we are experts in and very committed to
  • Prices are to be determined by client needs and per project

Data Recovery

Hard Drives can fail and data can be lost. Having a solid backup routine could save your Data or memories and even your protect your privacy.

Crypto Currancy Support

Support and maintenance provided for crypto currency wallets. The philosophy will always have your confidentiality and privacey as the priority.



Network Diagnostics

Experience will expedite your network issues to a conclusion. Often a single systems maintance may be the issue. Is your netwrok secure?



Computer Repair

Whether you are running Windows, Apple, or even Linux will be diagnosed promplty. On site repairs or remote services available.



Website, app, software,setup and consulting, Microsoft Office development and reporting.


Database Design

Microsoft Access databases can have many versatile functions for small business from product mangment to report generation.



Phone: +1 (604) 313 4447